ABGC and LYNX Simulations release free download software for WWTP modelling and simulation (ASM1), in English language

The Lynx ASM1 simulator will provide a free tool to simulate biological of organic matter and nitrogen removal processes based on the model ASM1 (Activated Sludge Model No. 1) of the IWA. It has also mathematical models of settling, thickening and sludge dehydration.

This first software of Lynx ASM offers to the user the possibility, from a characterization of the influent which can be specified in the software in different ways depending on the amount of available data, to design its own WWTP, and to establish as many anoxic and oxic zones as desired, with their respective volume characteristics, dissolved oxygen set points and links between zones (recirculations, links with zones of other lines and clarifier, etc..).

Lynx ASM1 has been developed by LYNX Simulations (www.lynxsimulations.com) and Héctor Rey, as responsible of the modelling and simulation area from ​​ABGC (www.abgc.es), and the collaboration of Manuel Martínez, of the PROINTEC firm.

The purpose of this first version is to allow access to the field of WWTP modelling and simulation, through a free tool with usefulness for the development of engineering and maintenance tasks, and for the understanding of more advanced simulation tools, such as WEST software. The latter is considered a global reference for simulation of WWTP, with ABGC being the official teaching center collaborating with DHI in SPAIN.

To deepen in the knowledge of ASM1 and use of our free software, check our online course in English language in the following LINK

Free download of Lynx ASM1 v.2.6 software (64 bits)

Free download of Lynx ASM1 v.2.6 software (32 bits)


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